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Need a writer for your content?

Do you need help with writing engaging content for your business? Are you not finding enough hours in the day to write something? 

You need an expert who understands how to create captivating content to drive more traffic and audience to your business. 

I'm here for you!

My expert knowledge combined with a lot of passion translates into writing that guarantees creative and catchy content. 

My high-quality content is search-engine friendly, and social media friendly, and it helps businesses save time and gain more clients. Moreover, it is simple and easy to read, yet informative and engaging at the same time. 

I have expert knowledge, interest, and personal experience in many different types of writing. I dedicate myself to assuring you of the highest quality. 




I've been a teacher for several years for various subjects. I recently worked on writing textbooks and leading a team of several teaching for developing a new school curriculum.


I can write/edit textbooks, help develop curriculum, or write other educational content for your business.


I helped run a start-up English academy in which I was responsible for advertising and marketing on the website, Instagram, Naver Blog, and more. 

I can run the digital marketing side of your business by writing blog posts or managing your business's social media.

Why Me?

- I understand what you need and why you need it - 

When you hire me, not only will you get someone who knows how to write, but you will also get someone that understands how valuable your time is. I helped start a business for an English academy recently. Being an important pillar and manager of that business and using my own expertise as a writer and managing social media has helped me realize how valuable time is, especially since I'm the only person doing it!


I've been there!

I've also been a teacher for several years and I've gained a large set of skills due to the experiences that are important for a writer such as writing a diverse curriculum for kindergarten-grade 7. I've written textbooks for subjects including history, science, technology, speaking, debate, and listening that have reached thousands of students. I've seen the exciting way that students interact with the curriculum I've created. The staff and teachers are inspired and use the books I created as an example.

If you need a writer that can bring you traffic, I'm here for you. I understand how to craft and tailor my writing so that it ranks and generates many likes and shares from your audience. 

I have been in the exact same shoes as you. I've been on the other side. I know the struggle of a business and understand the process. This makes me uniquely qualified to write high-quality content for your readers.

Facts About Me

- A Globe-Trotter Wordsmith -

When I'm not writing, you can find me eagerly traversing the globe with my cat and husband. I've travelled to every continent except for Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Those are my next goals. 

I like to keep busy! When I was a university student, not only did I study full-time, I was involved in school clubs, volunteering at a nursing home, and working multiple part-time jobs at international schools and grocery stores.

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Hiking in South Korea

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Exploring in Cambodia

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